Murrow Real Estate and Auction LLC - Selling your home or other property is probably one of the most stressful times in your life! Shop around and find a broker that has your best interest! Most brokers in the area have MLS (your property will be shown on numerous real estate websites) Zillow- and other popular sites. Some brokers charge more commission saying they advertise on more sites, and better web presence! Don't be fooled we all have the same capabilities. Check what they charge for commission? Some are 1%-2% higher for same service, so who do they really have the best interest in? Shop and compare before you sign on the line!!

We have been in the Auction business for over 38 years and have had many successful auction of Real Estate. Let someone with the experience to market your property.I

Give us a call and let discuss the best way to market your property.

If you are wanting to buy, we take extra care with new buyers who don't know the process from start to finish, we can advise you on getting the right type of mortgage and even help you find the right mortgage company!


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